Our Mission

The Burlington CAER Association's mission is to have a better informed public regarding chemicals and a community emergency response plan for handling emergencies.

Why do we do this?

The Burlington CAER Association believes in the need and right of the public to know the risks associated with the manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and transportation of chemicals in and through the City of Burlington. 

How do we do this?

The Burlington CAER Association promotes to the public and its members through communication, working groups public meetings, exercises and scenarios, the following:

  • Good product practices / stewardship
  • Sustainable practices
  • Environmental protection
  • Safe plant operations
  • Risk minimization
  • Safe transportation of products
  • Responsible Care
  • Code of Ethics
  • Emergency Response planning & practice

Commitments of Good Members

  1. To attend meetings regularly.
  2. To continually strive to identify and minimize operational risks.
  3. To maintain an up to date site emergency plan which will be f led with the Burlington Fire Department.
  4. To communicate to the Association its mutual aid inventory of emergency response equipment, materials and technical expertise.
  5. To participate in City and Regional emergency planning committees and simulations where appropriate.
  6. To plan and execute site emergency exercises and simulations on a regular basis.
  7. To support and participate in activities to promote environmental awareness and protection. 

Benefits of Membership

  1. Access to mutual aid in times of emergencies
  2. Help with Safety Assessments
  3. Help with Site Emergency Plans
  4. Sharing of ideas and issues such as WHMIS environmental, community awareness and public relations.
  5. Regular contact with the Burlington Fire Department and other Emergency Services personnel who are an important part of our association.
  6. Sharing of expertise and knowledge on various topics of mutual interest, including presentations by outside resources. Information and assistance with changing legislation as it affects members operations.
  7. Public recognition as a good Corporate citizen.