Link Program


Link is a Cooperative Education Program in which high school students create and deliver dynamic and informative presentations to elementary school students in grades 1-8 across the Halton Region. As a LINK student you are part of a team of students that develop, market and deliver a specialized program. Each team represents a sponsoring organization. You are the individual who LINKs the business world and the schools in partnership. Your work site will be at the sponsoring organization’s site and is equipped with a computer, a personal phone line and access to any materials needed to develop the presentation. 

LINK is ideal for those students interested in:

  • Teaching/training
  • Science/environmental issues
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business/management
  • Dramatic arts
  • Marketing


"I went to the Link program this year so I could pursue the engineering aspects. I had the chance to work at Nalco, and that’s a chemical plant so I got to get some experience in the global environment for chemical companies. It’s fun doing the presentations for the kids. We do some experiments and what I like the most is, I’m a much better presenter. I don’t struggle as much in front of crowds and I’m a lot better working with kids."

--Ryan Phillips, Past LINK Team Member


"The Burlington Chemical Association has been associated with the “Link Team” since its conception in 1994. I can think of no better medium to engage our youth while providing a vehicle for organizations or companies to deliver their message. The interchange and learning possibilities are endless. They are matched only by the doors that are opened up."

--Gary Sommer, Past Chairperson – Burlington Chemical Association